ASP.Net Hosting hosting is the very first thing that strikes the mind when it comes to an approachable, fast and easy way for continuing server code with HTML for creating a dynamic websites. The web application framework has emerged as the preferred option for Microsoft developers and programmers. It is based on the Microsoft .NET Framework and offers a great method for building and running applications. At myASP.NET we offer support for ASP.NET 2.x - 4.8.x and ASP.NET Core 2.x - 5.x technologies including Web Services, ASP.NET Ajax, Linq and ASP.NET MVC 6 among others. Our ASP.NET hosting service can help you create efficient sites using newest web standards including link to social networking sites, video insertions and connection to SQL Server databases.

Run and scale your applications on Windows or Linux, using a fully managed platform to perform infrastructure maintenance, load balancing, and more. Easily add custom domains, SSL certificates, single sign-on (SSO), and identity service integration to your apps. Get detailed performance and application health insights for accelerated troubleshooting.